Wednesday, August 24, 2011


We didn't feel the earthquake Monday night.  But it was one of those this to shall pass nights, where I'm exhausted but morning can't come soon enough.  The girls went to bed just fine and I stayed up watching a little Intervention on A&E.  Around 9:30 I shut everything off and went to bed. At 1:30 I awoke to the voice of the BBC playing on the computer, that I had turned off.  Do you think the earthquake shook it on?  Then at three o'clock I'm poked awake out of a deep sleep by Addy asking me the time.  I snap at her and she goes back to bed.  I stay awake feeling guilty for snapping at her.  By four I'm asleep again but she's back poking me and wondering if it is time to get up.  I let her get in bed with me, then I lay awake pondering how I can get her to stop this nonsense.  At 5 Elena wakes up to nurse.  I didn't even try to fall asleep again.

Not our best night. Naps were pretty sweet though.

I did figure out away to help Addy though.  She now has two clocks beside her bed.  One that sings her to sleep and turns yellow when we set it for daytime.  It is analog and hard for her to read at this point.  The other little clock is digital and I've taught her that if the first number is a 5 she may get up and quietly get in bed with us. If the first number is a 6 she can get up, also at 6 her analog clock turns yellow.  Any other number she should be asleep and not get out of bed.  This morning she lasted until 5:30 before getting in bed with me.

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  1. very sweet and touching; tell Addy I miss her please.