Monday, August 29, 2011

Addy's Fruit Parfaits

Saturday morning we walked over to the "Purple Park" by the Mamie Doud Library.  Healthy Learning Paths was hosting the 2011 Children's Wellness Adventure.  Addy especially enjoyed the bike rodeo.  Elena enjoyed the hula hoops and I enjoyed the back massage I got at the Chiropractor's booth.
Addy rides through a obstacle course, following street signs.  Broomfield Police Officer was on hand to guide and teach.

Elena tries hula hooping.  She heard it is good exercise, but she needs her Bammer to show her how it's done.
Other booths included the Kiwansis, Rotary, CASA, a family mental health practioner, Higgy's Ice Cream (one of our new favs).  Each booth had something for the kids to do and lots of information for the adults too.  The event was listed for $5 a family but when I registered I was told I didn't have to pay.  The girls each got t-shirts and some nice healthy breakfast type snacks.
Maybe next year Terra and I will have a Green Bee booth!
At one of the booths Addy got to make a yogurt parfait.  Here is the recipe in her words:
You get bananas and granola.  And then some blueberries, raspberries, and peaches and some strawberries and then you cut them.  Put some chopped fruit in a cup.  Then you put the yogurt on first and then the granola.  Then you put some more chopped fruit on top of the yogurt and granola.

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