Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I don't read a lot of blogs but I have noticed on some that they pick themes for the days of the week; like meatless Monday or Wordless Wednesday.  I ran across one yesterday that had a Worms for Wednesday theme.   I'm haven't been able to pick one for myself but have several ideas for today.

WOW! Museum Wednesday:
I wish they were both looking at the camera!  Elena especially enjoyed herself there today.

Worm Watching Wednesday:
Can you see the big fat worm by Addy's hand? We rescued it from the sidewalk during our bike ride/jog this morning.

Or perhaps Whole Wheat Wednesday:

We made a really tasty whole wheat corn bread last night.  I put the dry ingredients together and got the pan ready while the girls napped.  After nap we had a play date and returned home just in time for Addy to crack a couple of eggs and stir in the milk and butter. 

I love sweet moist cornbread and have always made it with white flour.  I tried this recipe yesterday though and was completely surprised at how well it turned out. It was still light and moist even with whole wheat flour and fairly coarse stone ground corn meal.  Chad didn't ask if it was different and both of the girls ate it right up.  There are a couple variations on the recipe. I used melted butter, regular milk and brown sugar. 

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