Monday, May 23, 2011

Juggling with Kids

I think I should rename my blog.  It isn't just Addy anymore and we are up to a lot more than cooking these days.  Although cooking does factor into our days quite frequently.

Addy woke up Saturday morning asking to have all of her preschool classmates over plus several other friends.  Unable to pull off such a party at short notice I attempted to pacify her with a long family walk, Home Depot and Taco Bell (!) with Daddy, and an after nap trip to the Butterfly Pavilion.

Not to be dissuaded, Sunday morning, she awoke with the same request.  I put her off again with a planned swimming date and an afternoon bike ride.

Ever persistent, I knew what to expect Monday morning.  I emailed a bunch of friends.  We ended up with 8 kids and 5 moms, including us.  As one mom said, "Addy is getting her mega playdate."

Partly in their honor and partly because we didn't eat very many bananas last week we made some mini banana muffins this morning.  Addy and I had just started when Elena woke up from her very short morning nap.  So I popped her in the sling and we continued. 

I took this picture with my phone with Elena in the sling.

We stuffed our incomplete mixture in the fridge while we rode the bike and bike trailer to a La Leche League meeting and had a picnic lunch. We finished them off when we got back.  The muffins turned out just fine despite the rest and the fact that I let Addy measure the sugar completely by herself.
Addy made the muffin on the left for Elena and the one on the right for herself.

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