Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kitchen Helpers

New playground area at the Denver Zoo,
We're busy these days.  The weather has stayed beautiful and pleasant well into October so I've been keeping the girls outside as much as they'll take!  Friday we went to the pumpkin patch, Monday the zoo.  
The view from the Rock Creek Pumpkin Patch was gorgeous.

This weekend is Addy's birthday.  So excited!  Part of my prep is to clean out the refrigerator so I'll have room for party treats.  That means tonight's dinner is a big salad and grilled cheese sandwiches. We'll have roasted beets, carrots, a cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, goat cheese, toasted pine nuts and fresh herbs on the salad.  I'll toss in some left over brown rice too.  I have a loaf of whole wheat/spelt french bread from Udi's that I bought on clearance for $2.09! I suppose it was on clearance because it was getting old but grilling it will take any staleness away.

When I plan supper I also like to think ahead to what the girls can  do to help so tonight in addition to setting the table (even baby Elena can carry some silverware to the table) they'll pick the herbs, spin the lettuce, mix the toppings together, and put the sandwiches together.  If they still need a task Addy likes to illustrate a menu to go along with our meals and Elena likes to wash dishes.
Oh, it gets messy.  But she loves it.

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  1. Hey - I used your oatmeal bread recipe the other day to make rolls!! Delish.