Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back with Bran

Cooking with Adelina has changed quite a bit over the past months.  Not only was our life busier but the exhaustion of pregnancy had me napping rather than cooking or blogging.  We did plenty of cooking and baking during the months not accounted for here but it was many of our tried and true recipes that have already made the blog and the imputus to document and write up new recipes has just not been there for me.  Now that baby Elena has arrived and we begin to settle into the routine of a family of four I plan to update this site more often.
I have found that as Addy has grown more independent, she has been less likely to follow my suggestions of activities in the kitchen.  But perhaps as fall and winter keep us indoors more we'll pick up our cooking. 
Last Wednesday we made a fall inspired Apple Bran muffins from Mothering.com.  We didn't add the seeds/nuts and substituted part water for the apple juice.  They lasted well in the fridge and taste best fresh out of the oven or toasted with butter. 
Addy ate every bit of this yummy lunch.
Addy wants to do more and more of the measuring and pouring on her own.

Although her accuracy is not great she handles a small broom and dustpan well. As she has gotten older I find it important to include her in the clean up as well as the fun parts of mixing and tasting.

The apples were from our tree and we're using local organic flour.

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